Studio Day 7


And guitars are done! Tyler added all the little flourishes and fancy bits to the guitar parts, so now the only thing left is vocals.

Studio Days 5 and 6


Most people look at the tiles in a bathroom, but I look at the grout. That’s the role of the bass-player, like the grout, he holds it all together.” - Mike Watt

The bass is done! All we have left are the lead guitar parts and the vocals! Hopefully we’ll be done tracking this week, then we get to get ready to go and play more shows.

Studio Days 3 and 4


We’ve spent the last two days working on getting the guitar parts down, and they’re sounding pretty killer. Tyler laid down all the rhythm parts, so all we have left to do is go back and put in all the solos and flourishes and cool parts. Everything is sounding really tight, we really hope this record will knock people’s socks off. Tyler’s already got the lead parts down for 3 of the songs, and they sound pretty sick.


Some Van Halen style two hand tapping.

Tomorrow I’m laying down the bass tracks, then all we’ve got left to do is the vocals next week and we’re done with tracking!

Oh! I almost forgot! We’ve been so focused on knocking out the album we failed to mention the show we’re playing tomorrow in Colorado Springs. We’re playing with Forsake It All, Life Not Our Own and Restore all Vengeance from Colorado Springs and The History of Hope and Righteous Vendetta from Wyoming, at Sunshine Studios. We’ve still got a couple of tickets available for $7, otherwise it is $8 at the door. Show starts at 7pm, we hope to see you there!

Studio Day 2


The drums are the heart of any band. They are the sonic foundation of any musical endeavor. The drums propel the music and drive it forward. The drums connect with the music listener on a primal level, taking them back to a time when humans danced around bonfires after a successful hunt to the basic rhythms of wood and hide drums. A good drummer is the cornerstone of any band, he is the time keeper of the whole operation. Musicians in general like to bag on the drummer, but that’s just because they know their musical lives are in the drummer’s hands, he’s the pilot, the man with his finger on the button. Without a solid drummer you are simply building a house of cards.

Lucky for us, Matt Heady is a beast. He knocked out 11 songs in just about 5 hours. This recording already sounds sick with just the scratch tracks and the unmixed drums, we can’t wait to show everyone the finished product! Tomorrow we start tracking the guitar.

Studio Day 1


We went in to the studio today and got everything set up. Matt put his drums together while Tyler laid down the scratch tracks. Tomorrow Matt will record the drum parts over the scratch tracks and we’ll go from there. The drums are the “heavy lifting” of the album, so once they are done we all get to kick back and mess around with all the other stuff. We’re recording 11 songs! We’re really excited about this project, and can’t wait to share it. Stay tuned for more exciting studio updates!